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Egg donation gives hope to many couples longing to start a family, from partners diagnosed with infertility to folk in the LGBTQ community. The experts at New York Fertility Institute are available to answer your questions and provide holistic care that meets your fertility, physical, and emotional needs. To schedule an appointment, call the New York City office in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, or use the online booking feature.

Egg Donation

What should I know about egg donation?

Egg donation is when a woman gives one or more eggs to help another woman have a baby. Your egg donor may be a friend or relative, or you may choose to use an anonymous donor.

Donor eggs may be frozen, then warmed, fertilized, and implanted into your uterus. Or you and the donor can take medications to synchronize your cycles, allowing the donated egg to be fertilized and implanted into your uterus.

Egg donors go through a rigorous evaluation process, including many blood and medical tests to ensure they’re physically, genetically, and psychologically healthy. As a general guideline, donors are between the ages of 18-35, physically healthy, nonsmokers and drinkers, and with no known hereditary or sexually transmitted diseases.

When you choose an anonymous donor, you receive information about her health, physical traits, education level, profession, and other general information. However, you will not have access to information that helps you identify the person.

Can egg donation match my ethnicity?

The team at New York Fertility Institute understands the importance of finding an egg donor that possesses the physical and genetic characteristics you value. They have unparalleled expertise finding an egg donor that matches your culture or ethnic background, for example, helping match candidates of Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, African, and East Indian descent.

When might I need to use a donor egg?

There are many reasons women need to use egg donation. A few of the most common reasons women rely on egg donation include:

  • Over the age of 40
  • Premature menopause
  • Nonfunctioning ovaries due to disease or genetics
  • Diminished ovarian reserve
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Infertility due to poor egg quality
  • History of recurrent pregnancy loss
  • History of failed in-vitro fertilization
  • Unresponsive to ovarian stimulation

The team at New York Fertility Institute can run several tests to help guide your decision about using an egg donor, including tests to determine your ovarian reserve, which is the number and quality of eggs in your ovaries.

What should I expect during egg donation?

If you’re considering using a donated egg, you go through an intensive medical analysis to determine if your body and reproductive system are healthy enough to support an implanted egg and pregnancy. If you can’t support a pregnancy for any reason, surrogacy with a donor egg is an option.

The team at New York Fertility Institute also understands that the decision to use an egg donor is often difficult and emotionally taxing. As part of your holistic care, they provide specialized psychological support to women and their partners when needed.

To learn more about egg donation, call New York Fertility Institute or schedule an appointment online.

Donor Matching Services

Finding a Suitable Egg Donor

New York Fertility Institute can advise you on all aspects of the process of receiving donor eggs and can work with a known donor (perhaps a sister or cousin is interested in donating eggs to you), or we can make all arrangements for an anonymous donor. Anonymous donation is a completely confidential process where the identities of both the donor and the recipient are protected. We have a very extensive screening process where we evaluate prospective young women who are interested in becoming donors. A woman interested in receiving donated eggs is matched against our registry of potential donors based upon physical characteristics, ethnic background, health history and medical profile, and more. When a suitable match is identified, the woman receiving the eggs takes oral medications to prepare the uterus for the transfer. New York Fertility Institute will work with you through all stages of this process and is available to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.



 Egg Donations

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    Donate Your Eggs & Help a Family Create a Miracle

    There are many rewards to being an egg donor. Knowing that you are helping others realize a dream is a wonderful feeling. Becoming an egg donor allows you to make a priceless contribution to the lives of others. If you are a healthy, active young woman under the age of 30, you are invited to contact us to see if you qualify for our donor program.

    It’s Easy To Apply. See If You Qualify Today.