People who have difficulty conceiving can greatly benefit from fertility treatments. Methods such as in-vitro fertilization may increase a person’s chances of becoming pregnant. Sadly, getting pregnant under these miraculous circumstances is considered a luxury by many. For example, one cycle of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) averages $23,500 in the United States – and it usually takes more than one attempt for a successful pregnancy.

Exorbitant prices have made fertility treatments inaccessible to most. But there are a few companies that do include IVF as a health benefit. If you’re hunting for jobs that can help you get coverage for in-vitro fertilization, Fertility IQ has pulled up the following list.

Companies with Unlimited Fertility Benefits


The consultation firm provides unlimited IVF coverage. The catch? An employee must engage in one year of heterosexual sex before qualifying for fertility treatments.


BCG, another consultation group, also offers unlimited coverage for fertility treatments. However, you do have to meet certain requirements before you can qualify. If you are unable to meet the company’s standards, access to IVF coverage may be limited .


According to Fertility IQ, Chanel is the only company in the fashion industry that covers fertility treatments. But like other employers, you have to be eligible for this health insurance policy.

Bank of America

It is the only private bank that gives employees the leverage to apply for unlimited IVF coverage. Qualifications include being married to a heterosexual partner.


The private equity giant provides employees with unlimited fertility benefits if they meet the company’s standards.

Ropes and Gray

Ropes and Gray is the only law firm with unlimited fertility coverage for qualified employees.


To apply for unlimited fertility treatments under Spotify, employees must meet specific health guidelines.

Companies with Limited Fertility Benefits (but are actually better)

Gates Foundation, Facebook, and Pinterest provide the best fertility coverage for employees. However, while the coverage is limited to four cycles of IVF worth $100,000 and preimplantation genetic screening, there is no fine print on the eligibility standards, other than employees must meet specific health guidelines. However, non-heterosexual couples and single people can benefit from fertility treatments when working for these companies.

For people looking to start a family of their own, being able to get pregnant can be very challenging. That is why IVF and assisted reproduction treatments are so important, which is why companies like these that care about their employees are making it available.

Source – Business Insider