Discounted Rates For Cancer Patients Seeking To Preserve Fertility

 Unfortunately one of the side effects when undergoing various cancer treatments is a partial or complete loss in ones fertility in both males and females. While not all cancers or cancer treatments will affect your ability to have a baby, it is imperative that a consultation takes place before undergoing any cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation in order maximize your chances of having a family in the future once you are well again.

“I have cancer, what are my options for building a family in my future?”

What is Fertility Preservation?

Thanks to the advances in cryopreservation and IVF, there is now hope to providing you the right choices for having a family in your future when you are ready. Each individual’s circumstances are different when undergoing cancer treatments, however, your first course of action for fertility preservation has many options that can be suited towards your specific fertility needs.

Before your cancer treatment begins, a few options our specialists may recommend are:

  • IVF with embryo cryopreservation (embryo freezing)
  • Egg freezing (ovarian stimulation with egg cryopreservation)
  • Surgery to place ovaries outside of pelvic radiation fields
  • Ovarian tissue freezing
  • Ovarian transposition
  • Testicular tissue freezing
  • Testicular sperm extraction
  • Sperm freezing (cryopreservation) 

Due to our desire to help individuals in need for cancer related fertility preservation, our practice will be offering significant discounted rates for any of the above mentioned preservation options.

What Are The Fertility Risks When Undergoing Cancer Treatments?

Women may have their eggs, ovaries, uterus or fallopian tubes damaged due to surgery , chemotherapy, or radiotherapy. In some cases, the ovaries may need to be removed..

Mens’ sperm quality or production can be affected either temporarily or permanently causing sterility with chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy treatments, Factors such as pre-treatment fertility levels, type of cancer treatment and age are also a factor.

We Provide You With Fast Treatment Within 24-48 Hours

If you are about to undergo any cancer treatments, we will make special accommodations to see you within 24-48 hours. Please call us today or fill out the form on the right to let us know about your unique situation so that we can schedule you immediately for a consultation.

New York Fertility Institute is here to help you understand your risks, options and what questions to ask to help you preserve your fertility today.