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2 05, 2019

Marijuana Smoking Might Actually Lead To Higher Sperm Counts

By |2019-05-23T09:32:36-04:00May 2nd, 2019|Blog, News|0 Comments

The topic of marijuana legalization has continued to grow over the years. As a result, an increasing number of states throughout the US have embraced referendum votes and other legal processes to legalize marijuana in various ways. Some states legalize its use for medicinal purposes, requiring a prescription. Some legalize its recreational use, and some [...]

1 05, 2019

New Legislation In New York Helps Improve Coverage For Fertility Treatments

By |2019-04-29T11:48:26-04:00May 1st, 2019|Blog, News|0 Comments

Fertility issues continue to grow throughout the United States. Their frequent representation in the media has drawn the attention of many lawmakers. Recently, a New York State Department of Financial Services feasibility study looked into mandating coverage for fertility preservation (FP) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) services where it is deemed medically necessary. The feasibility [...]

30 04, 2019

Mosaic Embryos Yields New Hope For IVF Couples

By |2019-04-29T11:48:07-04:00April 30th, 2019|Blog, News|0 Comments

For several years now the topic of mosaic embryos as sparked a great deal of debate throughout the medical community, as well as certain organizations, and even a few political venues. In technical terms, it is a type of embryo which contains normal as well as abnormal cells. In the In Vitro Fertilization process, these [...]

30 04, 2019

Our Homes May Be the Cause Of Male Fertility Issues, & We Have Our Dogs To Thank

By |2019-04-29T11:47:39-04:00April 30th, 2019|Blog, News|0 Comments

There’s an old saying that your home is your castle. It’s meant to be the kind of place where you can hang your hat and feel safe from the basic ravages of modern life. For a lot of couples, their home is also the place where they hope to have children and raise a family. [...]

29 04, 2019

A Tilted Uterus Is More Common Than Originally Thought; Can It Lead To Infertility?

By |2019-04-29T11:44:04-04:00April 29th, 2019|Blog, News|0 Comments

The uterus is arguably the most important component of the female reproductive system. While you are surely aware of the functional aspect of this important organ, such as menstruation and gestation, there can still be more mystery to it, than things like the labia or the clitoris. Since it is inside your body, it’s hard [...]

28 04, 2019

A New Study On Mice Hints At Phthalates Impact On Female Fertility

By |2019-04-29T11:46:49-04:00April 28th, 2019|Blog, News|0 Comments

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois focused on the reproductive impact of phthalate DINP exposure in female mice returned interesting results that could shed light on certain types of human female infertility. In the study, female mice were given small oral doses of the phthalate DINP over the course of a [...]

29 03, 2019

Fertility Issues From Testicular Cancer Might Be Minimized With Early Diagnosis And Treatment

By |2019-03-19T13:57:06-04:00March 29th, 2019|Blog, News|0 Comments

The human body is designed with natural processes in place to replace older cells with younger, healthier ones. Different types of cells in different parts of the body respond to this natural process of cellular replication at different rates. When a cell develops abnormalities in the replication process, the body typically eliminates it. Yet there [...]

6 03, 2019

Exploring The Link Between Antidepressant Use And Fertility

By |2019-02-27T14:20:40-04:00March 6th, 2019|Blog, News|0 Comments

Americans take some form of prescription antidepressants to address issues such as short-term emotional distress related to the end of a serious relationship, the death of a loved one, or some type of traumatic event. Some physicians and therapists will prescribe antidepressants for an individual who is recovering from long-term substance abuse or addiction issues. [...]

5 03, 2019

Spindle Transfer Lets Doctors Use Womans DNA in Donated Eggs To Have Baby Be Related To The Mother

By |2019-02-27T14:16:52-04:00March 5th, 2019|Blog, News|0 Comments

Egg swapping is a special type of IVF treatment that is specifically intended to bring together women who are involved in a conventional IVF treatment, who can produce an excess number of eggs, with a woman who is, for one reason or another unable to produce their own eggs. This unique treatment strategy enables these [...]

3 03, 2019

Scientists Believe Climate Change Can Affect Newborn Gender Ratios

By |2019-02-27T14:10:34-04:00March 3rd, 2019|Blog, News|0 Comments

The effects of climate change, from increased greenhouse gases and other environmental factors, are predicted to have a massive impact on the overall health of the planet. Yet these profound changes will likely not be limited to just the geology and climate. Many scientists note the potential changes that will also impact the biology of [...]

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