Preserving Fertility For Later In Life

There are times in our busy lives that for one reason or another having a child right now is not an option. However, you know that you want a child in your future. As we age, getting pregnant becomes more difficult due to a variety of factors. Or perhaps you or your loved one is about to undergo chemotherapy, or radiation for cancer treatments, and would like to preserve your fertility to strengthen your chances of building a family in the future by having both eggs, sperm or embryos frozen at the peak of their viability.

What Is Egg Freezing?

Within the past decade, advancements in technology have made it possible for women to freeze their eggs as a safeguard against the aging process. Even when a woman is single and the future father of her children is still unknown, she can improve the chances of a future pregnancy by setting aside eggs when she is young and having them frozen for a later time.  This is often a viable solution for women who plan on getting pregnant after 40. New York Fertility Institute can assist in all aspects of educating a woman about these alternatives and providing services for the safekeeping of her future options.

What is Embryo Freezing?

A couple’s embryos (or a woman’s eggs fertilized through donor sperm) can be frozen after IVF and preserved indefinitely. Freezing the embryo essentially suspends its development process until the future point where the woman is ready to have the embryo transferred to attempt the pregnancy. If more eggs are fertilized through an IVF cycle than are needed for one transfer, the remaining embryos can be frozen for use anytime in the future.

Embryos can also be examined to ensure their health prior to selection, thereby improving the chances of implantation if and when the embryo is later transferred. Frozen embryos are more stable than unfertilized eggs and so may provide better results, although a common strategy is to freeze a quantity of the woman’s eggs and the embryos to provide for more options in the future.  Our fertility doctors in new york  handles all the details for freezing and preserving your embryos for as long as you need.

What is Sperm Freezing?

Technology has given men the ability to freeze sperm for many years, and New York Fertility Institute can provide any services needed for men to preserve their sperm either in conjunction with their partner’s fertility treatment, or individually.

Why New York Fertility Egg Freezing Is Different

  • Premium Media for Preparation

  • Premium Media for Washing

  • Premium Media for Freezing

  • Premium Media for Thawing

  • Premium Cultures

  • Premium Enzymes

  • Cutting-Edge Equipment

  • One point-of-contact from retrieval to successful conception

  • 30+ Years Fertilization Expertise

Brand X Fertility Clinic

  • Low-Grade Media for Preparation

  • Low-Grade Media for Washing

  • Low-Grade Media for Freezing

  • Low-Grade Media for Thawing

  • Low-Grade Cultures

  • Low-Grade Enzymes

  • Older / Basic Equipment

  • Multiple people + off-site centers handling eggs

What Sets Apart New York Fertility Institute Egg Freezing Methods From Other Fertility Clinics?