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Your First Visit


Your First Visit With Us


We encourage you to bring your partner, a family member or a  friend for support and additional insight for your infertility consultation with our doctors to help you get pregnant.  First appointments are approximately sixty minutes where you will review any pertinent medical history with the doctor as well as decide on the treatment plan that best suits you.

What Should I Do To Prepare For My Initial Consultation?

In order to maximize your time, we ask that you bring the following information to your first visit:

  • Completed Registration Forms (mailed to you when you schedule your consultation)
  • Copies of your medical records, including specialist consultation letters
  • Recent lab records  (within 1 year)
  • Results of all major tests (ie: HSG, Hormonal tests, endometrial biopsy)
  • A list of all medications (with dosages) that you are currently taking
  • A list of all herbs and supplements you are currently taking 
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