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Psychological Services


For some couples, the process of conception, pregnancy and delivery can be difficult and trying.  The cumulative stresses of infertility can place a strain on the couple’s relationship with one another, within the workplace and among friends and family.  For many individuals, the goal of achieving the birth of a child often represents one of the first times that intelligence, skill, financial resources and hard work do not guarantee a successful outcome.


Each of you is unique in your circumstances about how you arrived at this time and place in your attempt to create a family.  Yet, many of your concerns and struggles are shared by other couples.  Will conception every happen?  How long can I physically, financially and emotionally afford to continue to pursue this goal?  Are the feelings I’m experiencing typical?  Is donor egg or adoption an appropriate option for my family and me?  There are many other questions, feelings and strong emotional reactions that may arise.

You are not alone with these feelings and thoughts.  The staff at the New York Fertility Institute recognizes your medical as well as your psychological needs.  As part of your individualized treatment, the Institute provides specialized psychological support during this challenging time.  In our experience, helping you with the wide range of emotional issues specific to infertility can prove beneficial in this process.

Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to explore the impact this experience has on your lives during treatment.  A consultation emphasizes assessing and identifying support, as well as recognizing and enhancing coping strategies.  The goal is to reduce stress in order to make the experience easier.  The consultation is specific to infertility with the opportunity for more in depth exploration and subsequent visits should the need arise.  As such, it is not meant as a replacement to any on-going psychotherapy.

Whether you are beginning your infertility treatment or have reached a particular challenging point, we look forward to working with you.

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