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Pregnancy Over 40


Pregnancy Over 40 is Possible! We Can Help.

There are many reasons why you may not have a child until the age of forty. You may have married at a later age or focused on your career before having a family. With today’s advances in medicine, increased health care and the increasingly common nature of the phenomenon, pregnancy after forty is actually becoming routine.

Getting Pregnant After 40 Biggest Problem

The biggest problem with getting pregnant after 40 is the quality of your eggs. Each woman is born with a finite number of eggs that could potentially become her baby. In the early years, these eggs are healthy and it’s easier to become pregnant. After she turns 40, the eggs that she’s releasing during ovulation aren’t as healthy, which means that they have a more difficult time getting fertilized and attaching to the uterus.

One of the most common ways to deal with this is to have in vitro fertilization treatment. The doctor will remove your eggs, separate the good from the bad, fertilize the egg, then place it into the body where it implants itself in the uterus. Through IVF, you can be sure that the eggs are fertilized, which increases your chances of a successful pregnancy.

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