Endometrial Growth


What is Endometrial Growth Enhancement  & How Does It Medically Work?


This procedure is an aid to endometrial growth. The problem is: endometrium (the inner lining of the uterus) that does not grow to a certain extent, as measured by ultrasound (the endometrial thickness), will not promote implantation and pregnancy as shown by various studies. Any process that allows the endometrium to grow to a certain height will aid in implantation and pregnancy.

What are growth factors for Endometrial Growth Enhancement?

Growth factors that are present in the body in other locations, such as platelets promote growth of blood vessels ( vascular endothelial growth factor) etc; by increasing blood vessels and thus blood supply in the endometrium, the thought is this will increase growth and height of the endometrium.

Who are ideal candidates?

Ideal candidates are patients that have attempted to get pregnant with embryo transfers, but were unable despite repeated attempts to grow their endometrium to adequate height.

Who is NOT an ideal candidate?

Patients who have not attempted embryo transfer to the uterus yet or those that have attempted a few times with adequate endometrial height but still can't get pregnant with embryo transfer are not candidates because there may be other issues hindering implantation and pregnancy.

What are the risks?

The procedure is similar to intrauterine insemination so the risks are minimal, especially that the growth factors are from the patient herself.

What are the benefits of Endometrial Growth Enhancement?

The potential benefits are the growth of the endometrium and thus implantation and pregnancy

How is the procedure performed?

The patient's blood is drawn and plasma rich platelets are isolated, .5ml to 1 ml is infused in the uterine cavity on day 10 of the cycle that has inadequate endometrial growth.

What is the follow up after the procedure?

In 72 hours there should be an increase in the height of the endometrium. as measured by an ultrasound of the uterus.

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