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Our Preferred Medical Partners


These professionals come highly recommended by the New York Fertility Institute and are provided only for our clients’ convenience.


Kings pharmacy is one of the leading suppliers of fertility medications. We have helped thousands of patients overcome infertility problems and find fulfillment in parenthood. Backed by almost 70 years of service, Kings’ staff of pharmaceutical professionals will put their knowledge and expertise to work for you, providing an unmatched resource, not only for highest quality medications and supplies, but timely information and personalized treatment management.

1619 Third Ave., New York, NY 10128

(212) 534-6000 (NYC Location)



Growing Generations/Fertility Futures is the largest surrogacy agency of any kind in the world. Since its creation in 1996, Growing Generations/Fertility Futures has successfully worked with clients from 20 countries, resulting in the birth of over 600 babies. With a staff of over 25 and a network of highly respected legal, psychological, and insurance professionals, clients are expertly guided through all aspects of the surrogacy process.  Growing Generations services heterosexual couples, as well as members of the LGBT community.

501 5th Avenue, Suite 1900 New York, NY 10017

323.965.7500 – Option 1



At Genesis Genetics, we are invested in reproductive genetic health. We develop new technologies to better understand the power of the genome and to seek answers to genetic abnormalities. In short, we help build healthy families. For two decades, Genesis Genetics has remained committed to working with its patients every step of the way. Our team of patient coordinators, genetic counselors, business representatives, physicians, and scientists all have strong relationships with hundreds of IVF centers worldwide. Together, we look to harness the power of the genome and help build healthy families.

(313) 579-9650



Good Start Genetics is a leading and innovative molecular diagnostics company that’s setting the new standard of care for genetic screening of inherited disorders.

Good Start Genetics harnesses a powerful, proprietary and extensively validated next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform to deliver highly comprehensive and highly accurate tests. Our goal is to provide clinicians and their patients with the highest carrier detection rates possible.

We have a dedicated team of customer care specialists, board-certified medical geneticists, and licensed genetic counselors that provide step-by-step support, from test selection through to results analysis and reporting. Our Patient Access Program ensures access to our tests, regardless of financial situation, and we work closely with patients to simplify the billing and reimbursement process.

237 Putnam Avenue, Cambridge MA 02139

Client Solutions: 855-765-0845 (medical professionals and patients only)
General Inquiries: 617-714-0800



The World Egg Bank was founded by leading physicians, scientists and pioneers in egg donation and cryopreservation, and is second to none in providing excellent service to recipients and donors world-wide.  The World Egg Bank has over 400 egg donors available for both fresh cycles and frozen cycles. The company has been recruiting and screening egg donors nationwide since 1996, banking cryopreserved oocytes since 2004, and shipping worldwide since 2007. We have distributed over 3,000 cryopreserved oocytes nationally and internationally since 2006

4202 N. 32nd Street, Suite L, Phoenix, Arizona USA 85018




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