When Surrogacy May Be Your Best Option

Many couples who would make great parents are unable to conceive naturally. You or your partner might struggle with infertility issues, or other health complications that make a pregnancy risky or unsafe. Many LGBT couples can also benefit from using surrogacy to expand their futures as happy same sex parents. Whatever the reason for your pregnancy-related concerns, you should know that you have plenty of options, surrogacy included!

At New York Fertility Institute of New York City's Upper East Side, we’re here with expert support for patients interested in surrogacy. Our LGBT friendly team of fertility specialists can guide you to the best option for your family’s needs. With our support, you can join the increasing number of couples, including same sex parents, that turn to surrogacy to complete their families.

How surrogacy can help

When you use a gestational surrogate, your surrogate carries your baby. You can use your or your partner's egg or sperm to conceive the pregnancy. You may also opt to use donor eggs or sperm, depending on your and your partner’s reproductive wellness and needs.

No matter how your child is conceived, with surrogacy, you stay involved in every step of the pregnancy process. Present at the birth, you’ll get to bond with your baby right away, and won’t have to miss a single precious moment or “first.”

Surrogacy can provide a transformative option for families that can’t conceive or safely carry a pregnancy. You or your partner may have infertility concerns, or may be unable to conceive together naturally as same sex parents. Additionally, if you have health issues that would make a pregnancy unsafe, surrogacy might be the best choice for you and your family.

Safe and selective surrogacy

At New York Fertility Institute, We use a careful screening process for our surrogates, checking for stable home life, personal physical and mental wellness, and a history of healthy pregnancy.

When you work with the fertility doctors at New York Fertility Institute, we discuss the potential impacts of surrogacy on you and your family, and make sure you know all the upsides and downsides. We also suggest you work with an experienced lawyer during the surrogacy process. We want to make sure that your interests, your surrogate’s, and your future baby’s, are all fully represented.

Before and during your surrogate’s pregnancy, the team at New York Fertility Institute makes sure that everything is optimized to support your baby, from embryo transfer to pregnancy. With professional medical and legal support, you, your surrogate, and your expanding family can all thrive during this transformational time in your lives.

To learn more about what gestational surrogacy could do for you and your family, contact the LGBT friendly fertility doctors at New York Fertility Institute today. You can book your initial consultation appointment online, or by calling our Manhattan, New York City, New York offices.

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