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Not All Egg & Embryo Freezing Methods Are Alike. This Is Why We’re Different.

Quality Products, Equipment And Technology Improve Success Rates At Every Stage Of the IVF Process

The journey to becoming a parent has many steps. For couples struggling with fertility issues, the simple act of becoming pregnant can be a challenge. Here at New York Fertility Institute we understand how much of an impact successful fertilization can have on your life, and we are committed to helping you realize the dream of having a baby.

To that end we only use the highest quality IVF products, equipment, and technology. Our philosophy further relies on state-of-the-art IVF technology to improve your chances of conception and successful embryo implantation. That is why our highly trained staff only uses only top of the line quality IVF products which have been certified, quality tested for IVF treatments.

We understand how important each step of the IVF journey is, and we don’t believe in taking shortcuts or using inferior grade products. retrieval and sperm preparation through fertilization, cryopreservation and implantation we tested, certified, and high-quality products, to help you achieve the family you have always dreamed of having.


Insights On The IVF Journey

The journey to successful conception and implantation has several important steps. Handling of gametes and embryos can sometimes be a significant challenge. We make sure to provide our specialists with all they need to optimize the process and minimize risk.

New York Fertility Institute has a long-standing record for success including three decades of experience. We provide a single point of contact for the egg….an optimal, unbroken chain from the start of oocyte retrieval to cryopreservation and vitrification and to the birth of the baby.

Oocyte Retrieval

The first step in the IVF journey starts with oocyte retrieval, which requires efficient follicle aspiration to retrieve an optimal amount of healthy, undamaged oocytes. To do this we use a Sense aspiration needle, which minimizes any stress or discomfort. It also provides our technicians with the ideal precision required to collect the maximum number of oocytes.

Sperm Preparation Requires High-Quality Media

The media and techniques we use in sperm preparation is designed to select a significant number of motile, morphologically normal and viable sperm for the eventual fertilization process. We provide high-quality solutions to address the challenge of sperm preparation.The media is specifically formulated to successfully support a high number of motile sperm, which makes it makes the media of choice for this critical phase of the IVF treatment process.

The density of the gradient media significantly influences the result of the separation process. This performs quality control tests to guarantee consistent product performance.

Quality Mediums And Techniques Improve Fertilization Success Rates

Successful in vitro fertilization relies on several important factors including stable temperature, and balanced nutrients as well as the pH of the environment during the fertilization phase.

The premium quality medium has been optimized for fertilization as well as consistently maintaining gamete functionality. It has been carefully formulated with the carbohydrates and amino acids necessary for high fertilization rates between sperm and oocyte. Lastly, the premium quality medium can be used for other sperm preparation techniques such as diluting gradient solutions, washing, and performing sperm counts. These factors help improve fertilization success rates.

Our solution of denudation pipettes with smooth edges to further reduce risk of oocyte damage. They are available in a range of sizes and are designed with narrow tolerance levels to provides gentle and precise denudation. These high-quality serological pipettes have been tested to meet IVF laboratory requirements for gametes and embryos.

Culture Plays An Important Role In Viability

Embryos are introduced to several factor in the in vitro environment, some of which can negatively impact their development. Embryo viability and increased chances for a successful outcome are often influenced by nutrients and other factors.

To improve embryo viability we use premium quality media at each stage of IVF journey. This ensures that embryos and gametes will be immersed in optimal conditions. Each media is formulated with the same basic composition for consistency, which improves viability and implantation success rates. It further helps prevent some of the intracellular stresses as an embryo might experience during the IVF process.

Innovative Methods Helps Improve Implantation Rates

An optimal culture also plays a critical role in the IVF journey from retrieval of the egg through implantation of the embryo. Once the embryo has been transferred, it relies on mother’s receptivity as well as the embryo’s own ability to implant. Using a hyaluronan-rich medium further helps promote a successful implantation.

In many of these situations we use embryo glue, to help the natural process of implantation along. It is the only product available that has a proven track record for improving implantation success rates.

EmbryoGlue is formulated to act as a rich blastocyst culture medium while also containing a high concentration of hyaluronan and recombinant human albumin. This allows it to be used for transfer of all embryo developmental stages including assisted hatching, biopsy, and cryopreservation.

Decreased Stress For Cryopreservation And Vitrification

Sometimes the IVF process creates multiple, viable embryos. In these cases, careful cryopreservation and vitrification techniques can help preserve embryos for future consideration. The success rate of this process requires minimal exertion on cell viability by creating a balance between cryoprotectant concentration, cooling and warming rates as well as addressing the necessary volume. This can also improve post-thaw transfer and survival rates.

Our quality media was developed as a solution that provides time-efficient and successful vitrification at all cellular stages. This further helps us to save time in every procedure, compared to other brands. This also helps with vitrification. Once the selected embryos have been loaded onto the equipment, it is inserted into a pre-cooled tools which has been supercooled by surrounding it with liquid nitrogen. These tools are then sealed immediate after vitrification which makes it easier for the technician to efficiently perform the critical dehydration steps of vitrification. When warming the embryos, they are retrieved without any contact with surrounding materials, for safe aseptic handling.

Our Best Practices Deliver Superior Results

Starting a family is one of life’s greatest joys and can also be one of life’s biggest stressors. It’s not the sort of thing to take shortcuts on. Some IVF clinics don’t use the kind of high-quality products and equipment we use to help save money on the bottom line cost to you and to them.

We believe that you deserve the family you have always dreamed of. At New York Fertility Institute we pair our highly skilled techniques with premium quality line of IVF products to deliver superior results.

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