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I’m Interested in Donating My Eggs to Help Someone Have a Baby: What Do I Do?

I’m Interested in Donating My Eggs to Help Someone Have a Baby: What Do I Do?

Some families struggle with infertility, and aren’t able to conceive or carry wanted pregnancies. This can cause stress, heartache, and emotional suffering. Did you know that you may actually be able to help families affected by infertility, if you’re interested in egg donation?

Egg donation allows women with healthy egg reserves to give one or more eggs, anonymously or to someone you know, to help another family have a much-wanted child. Your gift can transform many lives!

The LGBTQ-friendly team of fertility specialists at the New York Fertility Institute of New York City’s Upper East Side specialize in helping families grow and become complete. Talk to our team of specialists, led by Dr. Khalid Sultan and Dr. Majid Fateh, about how you can be a part of the process with egg donation.

Are you interested in egg donation?

You could have multiple reasons for becoming interested in egg donation. You might know a loved one or family member affected by infertility, and donate an egg to assist and support your friend or relative.

Or, you can also donate eggs anonymously, making your eggs available to infertile women who wish to become pregnant through physician-assisted reproductive medicine techniques like artificial insemination.

You can donate eggs to be frozen, which can later be thawed, fertilized, and implanted for a healthy pregnancy. Or, you can take medications to control your cycle that allow the team at the New York Fertility Institute to extract your egg when the donation recipient is ready for implantation.

What you should know about egg donation

Before you can donate eggs, you need to be evaluated physically and psychologically, for your protection and to increase the chance of positive outcomes overall.

We use blood and medical tests to ensure physical health, and you’ll need to be between the ages of 18-35 and a nonsmoker and nondrinker to be a good candidate for egg donation.

Egg donors should also be free from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and hereditary conditions that could be passed on to genetic descendants.

If you’re interested in donating anonymously, you provide information about your health, background, and even education levels to inform the future recipients. However, recipients won’t learn enough information about an anonymous donor to be able to locate or find the donor.

Getting started with egg donation

To learn more about whether you could be a good candidate to help others have wanted babies through egg donation, get in touch with the New York Fertility Institute’s Manhattan, New York offices today. 

You can schedule an initial consultation appointment with our friendly and knowledgeable team by calling now, or go online to book your appointment using our convenient tool.

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