Do You Need Chromosome Testing?


Do You Need Chromosome Testing?

If you’ve been experiencing difficulties with fertility or have had frequent miscarriages you may be wondering exactly what is going on. Our IVF Doctors may perform a chromosome analysis test that can help  determine the underlying factors that may be contributing to your fertility issues. This test is designed to analyze and evaluate the chromosomes that the male or female may pass along to your baby during fertilization.

What is Chromosome Testing For?

During fertilization, an embryo needs to contain the right chromosomes in the proper order to create a healthy baby. Occasionally, the wrong chromosomes may be contained in a fertilized egg.  It is not known why these errors occur. This means that a child may be born with a birth defect, such as Down’s Sydrome, Trisomies 13 and 18, Triple X, Klinefelters syndrom, XYY or Turner’s Syndrome, mental retardation, infertility or repeated miscarriages.

How Is Chromosome Analysis Performed?

In order to detect chromosomal orders that may be the cause, our NYC fertility specialists will examine chromosomes isolated from cells along with their number and overall structure. Chromosome analysis is highly accurate.   This is to determine whether all cells or just some of the cells have normal chromosomes. Prenatal diagnostic testing involves testing the fetus before birth (prenatally) to determine whether the fetus has certain abnormalities, including certain hereditary or spontaneous genetic disorders

Typically cells can be from the blood skin, bone marrow, however, in pregnant women,  the placenta, amniotic fluid and chorionic villi. If in vitro fertilization is done, genetic disorders can sometimes be diagnosed before the fertilized egg is transferred from the culture dish to the uterus.

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