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Can I Get Pregnant if I Have Endometriosis?

Can I Get Pregnant if I Have Endometriosis?

​​If you have endometriosis, a condition that causes endometrial tissue to grow in locations other than within your uterus, you might suffer from painful periods or abdominal pain. Or, you might not have any symptoms of endometriosis at all. However, the condition could still be negatively impacting your fertility.

Endometriosis can cause complications with getting pregnant. However, you can still succeed in expanding your family with the help of reproductive medicine, even after severe and extensive endometriosis.

The LGBTQ-friendly fertility doctors at the New York Fertility Institute can help you understand the impacts of your endometriosis on your reproductive health and give you the medical guidance you can use to successfully become pregnant if you’d like to give birth.

While endometriosis can make getting pregnant more complicated, it doesn’t have to be the end of your road. Here’s what the New York Fertility Institute team wants our patients from New York City’s Upper East Side to understand about getting pregnant if you have endometriosis.

How endometriosis impacts your fertility

Endometriosis causes blood to collect in the wrong parts of your body during your menstrual cycle, as hormonal changes cause endometrial tissue to slough off and shed each month. This can lead to distortions of your reproductive anatomy due to scarring, adhesions, or blockages.

Between 30% and 50% of people with endometriosis struggle with infertility as a result of the condition. Endometriosis can cause fertility problems in multiple different ways.

Your fallopian tubes may become blocked, preventing you from becoming pregnant. Or, scarring or shape changes in your uterus can make it difficult for implantation to take place and a healthy pregnancy to start. And, endometriosis can negatively affect the quality of your eggs due to chronic inflammation and impact your fertility due to hormonal irregularities, as well.

Getting pregnant after endometriosis

Procedures can address your endometriosis, possibly reversing your reproductive problems.

In an operative laparoscopy for endometriosis, your New York Fertility Institute provider inserts a small instrument through your umbilicus, and uses small secondary incisions to remove endometriosis implants or reproductive system blockages.

If you have ovarian endometriomas, we use sclerotherapy, preserving your oocytes and protecting your future fertility.

Some patients still struggle to get pregnant after surgical treatment for endometriosis. In such cases, the New York Fertility Institute team can recommend other fertility medicine options and treatments, including ovarian stimulation and intrauterine insemination (IUI), or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Get in touch with the New York Fertility Institute’s Manhattan Upper East Side office in New York to learn more about your options for getting pregnant after endometriosis. You can schedule an appointment online, or call 212-772-8882 today.

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