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Benefits of Surrogacy

Benefits of Surrogacy

There are many potential reasons why you or your family might be interested in gestational surrogacy. Maybe you or your partner struggle with infertility, and aren’t able to carry a pregnancy. Surrogacy is often used by gay and same-sex couples who can’t conceive together. And, pregnancy can be medically inadvisable for many individuals.

These challenges don’t mean your dreams of expanding your family with a new arrival are out of the question. At New York Fertility Institute, fertility specialists Dr. Khalid Sultan and Dr. Majid Fateh help straight and same-sex patients find the surrogacy solution that’s right for them from offices in New York City’s Upper East Side.

We’ve been working successfully in surrogacy for more than 20 years. Here are just some of the reasons why we might recommend surrogacy for you and your partner.

Connecting with a surrogate

Surrogacy involves having a woman carry a pregnancy for you. Gestation takes place in your surrogate’s body, and she delivers your child. 

Gestational surrogates should have a stable home life, without a history of alcohol or tobacco abuse, and be healthy in body and mind. Surrogates should also have carried and delivered at least one prior child. Your surrogate can be someone you know, or we can help you and your partner to connect with a healthy surrogate.

Surrogacy creates a temporary, but precious, connection between your growing family and your surrogate. At New York Fertility Institute, we offer the comprehensive guidance you need to navigate the surrogacy process. We also recommend that you retain an experienced attorney familiar with surrogacy laws, to support you and provide additional guidance through this emotional process.

Conceiving and delivering your baby

You may be able to combine your and your partner’s eggs and sperm, so that your surrogate can receive the embryo as part of an in vitro fertilization process. Artificial insemination can also be used in combination with surrogacy, using your or your partner’s sperm paired with your surrogate’s egg, or with a donor egg.

When your child is ready to be born, you and your partner are present for the delivery. Throughout the surrogacy process, the team at New York Fertility Institute respects the health care needs and personal dignity of your surrogate, your partner, yourself, and your growing child.

Could surrogacy be right for you?

Surrogacy is a great reproductive option for many families. Surrogacy can be helpful if you or your partner have had a hysterectomy, or suffer from conditions like fibroids or preeclampsia that could make a pregnancy high risk. And, surrogacy can help LGBTQ couples expand loving families, as well.

To learn more about the benefits of surrogacy, and discuss your interest, get in touch with the fertility experts at the New York Fertility Institute today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment at our New York City, New York offices over the phone, or book online now.

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