Are Frozen Embryos as Viable As Fresh?

For many reasons, you might be interested in extending or supporting your fertility. You might not be ready to have children yet, or you may be using medical assistance to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy. Among your many options for fertility treatments, you may have heard about the potential to use a frozen egg or embryo.

If you’re wondering about how your chances of a successful pregnancy compare with a frozen embryo, versus a fresh, new conception, the experts at New York Fertility Institute are here to answer your questions. We support patients through a variety of fertility interventions from our Upper East Side, New York City offices. Here’s what you need to know about embryo freezing.

Prolonging your fertility with embryo freezing

If you’re not ready to become a parent yet, but think you’re likely to want biological children in the future, you can take advantage of cutting-edge medical technologies to freeze your eggs, or even embryos. Then, when you’re ready, you can have the embryo safely and effectively thawed and implanted. You can also freeze embryos to donate to others, or have embryos frozen as part of infertility treatments.

Depending on your age and other health-related factors when you’re ready to begin your pregnancy, you may end up having a better chance of a healthy pregnancy using an implanted frozen embryo than you would with a fresh conception. Current studies show that pregnancy rates and fetal health levels in pregnancies involving fresh and frozen embryos are virtually identical.

In addition to complications related to aging, your future fertility could face damage related to chemotherapy, endometriosis, or other medical conditions. Frozen embryos, kept below temperatures where biological processes can occur, can remain viable for as long as 10 years, or longer. We’re still learning about the potential of this reproductive technology to change lives for the better.

Expertise you can trust

When you’re looking at freezing eggs or embryos, you’re planning for your future — long term. So it’s essential that you work with a team of medical experts you can trust to support you throughout your entire reproductive and fertility journey.

To find out if embryo freezing could become a positive part of your reproductive experience, get in touch with the team of fertility specialists at New York Fertility Institute today. Under the leadership of Khalid Sultan, MD and Majid Fateh, MD, we provide a full range of services to new and existing patients from our offices in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. You can schedule your consultation with our experts over the phone, or with the online tool.

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