Sperm Separation For Gender Selection

Male and female bearing sperm are separated from ejaculated semen by making use of the relative difference in weight between the two kinds of sperm present in the ejaculate. This difference is exploited by allowing The male determining sperm (“y” chromosome) and  the female determining sperm ( “X” chromosome),  to swim through a gradient consisting of two different concentrations of the protein Human Serum Albumin.

After a suitable interval, the different fractions are collected, washed and processed for either IUI or for in vitro fertilization (IVF). Using this method, enrichment percentages for girls is about 70-72% and for boys about 69-75%.

Due to the almost 30% margin for error, the best method for obtaining the correct gender of your baby is through IVF with PGS which we also offer. This latter method has an accuracy of 99.9%, an almost certain guarantee.

PGS for Genetic Disease Prevention

This technique may be used to prevent (male offspring)  x-linked diseases such as hemophilia, duchenne muscular dystrophy, Lesche-Nyhan syndrome and x-linked mental retardation “